Broadcast advertising is one of the other main ways that companies get their product or service into the public eye, with television and radio offering an exposure that is potentially bigger than all of the other methods. Related to broadcast advertising, but with a number of distinctive features; cinema advertising can be used to great effect to aid the sales of any business.
cinema advert

A company specialising in the manufacture of Blind Flange components or steel fittings could target their advertisements to cater for the type of market who might be viewing cinema advertisements. Some fairly recent studies in the U.K have shown how cinema advertising can be an incredibly effective form of promotion. There are more than 3000 cinema screens in the U.K and a large proportion of the population see these screens on a regular basis. With over 7% of the population visiting the cinema at least two times a month and 30% visiting at least every two or three months, there is a huge number of people viewing cinema advertisements on a regular basis. It is not only the numbers that matter though as a cinema audience has a unique relationship to the screen when they are at the movies. The audience in a cinema is generally very attentive and appreciative of whatever is being shown on screen, giving advertisers not only a potentially huge market but a very captive one as well.

Cinema environments do not allow distractions due to the largeness of the screen and the darkness of the surrounding area. this means that more often than not, any advertisement is going to have the full and undivided attention of the cinema audience. The advanced high definition big screen and the sound technology that are used in a cinema also mean that any advertising message is going to be broadcast in the best possible way. It is important when using cinema advertising to pick what movies you will use to advertise in, as this will be the biggest deciding factor relating to exact market targeting. If you were going to advertise a Hosenipple (Schlauchtülle) product or another home improvement component, it may be a very different film you are looking for than if you were advertising lingerie or kitchen appliances. Cinema advertising can be used very effectively and can really help with the sales figures for a business, the trick, as it always is in advertising – is to target your market the best that you can.